Quality in CARDIOlogy
Medical Informational Technology
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View on the Problem of Managing of Medical Care Quality

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Posnenkova O.M., Kiselev A.R., Gridnev V.I., Popova Yu.V., Shvartz V.A.
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This article covers key aspects of quality medical care for patients. The basis of modern approach to improve the care quality is clinical guidelines, clinical audit and registers of diseases. The development of evidence-based medicine ensures that the personal experience of physicians ceases to be a leader in the treatment of patients. Evidences of emerging studies of interventions that are effective in the treating various diseases are accumulated in clinical guidelines for physicians. Quality of health care is determined by full physicians’ compliance with clinical guidelines. However, implementing clinical guidelines into clinical practice remains a major public health problem.
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Posnenkova OM, Kiselev AR, Gridnev VI, Popova YuV, Shvartz VA. View on the Problem of Managing of Medical Care Quality. Oman Medical Journal 2012; 27(3): 261-262.

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